Vintage Silverplate Items inscribed with whimsical words, sayings, or quotations

TUNKABLES ® is the original purveyor of hand-inscribed, silverplate tabletop items, established ten years ago in 2004. Tunkables are found in antique shops and at auction, restored to their original luster and hand-inscribed with whimsical words and phrases appropriate to their use. They are safe for use with food in that they are not acid-dipped to blacken the lettering.

Recycling vintage pieces for renewed use and enjoyment is what we do - updating them with whimsical inscriptions to bring them up to date while retaining all the grace, charm, and utility of bygone eras.

Typically, inscriptions are on the blades of the spreaders, the tines of the forks and the bowls of the spoons, because this gives them a unique look. Butter spreaders, for example, say 'SPREAD LOVE' or 'SPREAD JOY', etc. Serving pieces might say 'EAT YOUR VEGETABLES', or 'SERVED WITH LOVE'. There are suggestions for sayings accompany each item image, but you are encouraged to choose your own words or sayings to commemorate a personal milestone, family event, wedding, birth, etc. Please note that the patterns of the silverplate pieces pictured on the following pages may be different from the actual item shipped.

We are now adding more sterling silver jewelry to our Tunkables repertoire. All jewelry items are chunky and have a nice, substantial weight and feel and come in gift boxes.

All Tunkables tabletop items are individually packaged in clear bags with colorful gingham ribbons and are ready for gift-giving (to friends or self).


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